Sunday, 10 March 2019

Anarusi Codex

Search for the Anarusi Codex.

Some photos from a D&D game that I ran a couple of weeks ago, this was a one shot dungeon that I ran in 1 evening for some of my gaming buddies.

The basic premise for the dungeon was for the party to travel to a marsh area in the Forgotten Realms, locate an abandoned keep and retrieve a lost tome called the Anarusi Codex......simple......

Ruined remains of the keep and a giant packet of Haribo.

The party of "brave" adventurers, Chen, Dain, Keth, Jez, William and Jade.

"T'is but a Balor and his vast collection of statues.", shout the party

Jungle is Massive

New jungle tiles...home made 

I needed to get some jungle/marshland type tiles ready for a dungeon that I was running a couple of weeks ago, and that might also need to be used for a future foray.

These were made from some old pieces of 3mm MDF that I cut to irregular sizes. Once cut I then pasted some mud effect acrylic to the bases and fixed the plants in place with my trusty old glue gun.

The foliage come from a string of plastic aquarium plants.

Curse of Strahd - New models