Sunday, 19 May 2019

And the final course of brains comes served with....


Here are the final tranche of modern, zombie apocalypse related photos from what I have built and painted so far.

I will be posting more soon, I have at least another 15+ MDF buildings and various other pieces of scenery to sort out.

Nice forklift truck from TT combat and
the shipping crates are from XLC Wargame Terrain.

28mm American style, suburban houses from TT Combat.
These are simple to build.
I spray painted the base colours using Cobra Aerosole paints.

I was keen to make sure that these houses all look the same from the outside so that they would appear to be from the same housing estate.
The roof detail, different coloured tiles, was achieved by using acrylic paint pens.
I simply used these pens to colour in the tiles that I wanted to look lighter.

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