Saturday, 30 June 2018

Zombie Apocalypse....complete

Finally finished...

Here are the final pictures of the zombies that I started painting this week.
I'm very happy with the way these look.




Zombified office worker, tennis star and Old Man Jacob.

Zombified hospital patients and nurse

Zombie diner waitress and mechanics

Zombie prisoners


New models to strike terror into the hearts my gaming buddies...or do I mean juicy, sweet brains.......

Image result for zombie brains

These new models are from The Walking Dead All Out War game from Mantic. These are superb models, all of them are nicely moulded and they make a great addition to the gaming table.

A gaming buddy of mine picked these up at the UK Gaming Expo, ( for the bargain price of £20. I've seen the same boxed game for a lot more money online so this was a great buy.

Any way, enough of the chit are the models.
As always these were base painted, then dipped in Army Builder Quick Shade, left for 24 hours and then matte varnish, fine detail and based.

I have to say these look great and I cannot wait to get them on the table.


Curse of Strahd - New models