Thursday, 16 August 2018

Slave Traders of Mulhorandi

 The Slavers of Mulhorandi must be stopped.

Here are some photos from a D&D session that I ran over the weekend, the game was run over a Friday evening and all day on the Saturday.

It was an epic adventure that saw the party start their travels on the west coast on the Sea of Fallen Stars, book passage upon a huge steam and magic powered airship, fight hoards of demons, crocodile cultists and a Warlock with a personality complex.

Entire map layout the day before the game.

Trapped chest room.

Sunken throne room

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Cloaker and Doppleganger fight

Sobek and crocodile

The Warlock casts a Wall of Fire and uses an ability to create a illusion of himself escaping the fight. But will the party fall for the deception.

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