Wednesday, 20 June 2018

New stuff painted but not all finished yet

I'm slowly running out of room....

Being self-employed sometimes means extended periods of no employment and 2018 has certainly been a tough year so far. Work has been very quiet and I've only really worked 4 months in total so far.

Hopefully that'll all change soon as I have a number of clients who want to interview me about potential fingers crossed..!!

However this extended downtime has it's upside, which is more time being spent with the family, enjoying the unusual hot weather, the World Cup being on TV and also lots more time to spend painting my ever expanding miniature collection.

Here are some new pictures of some models that I have both started and finished in the last week.


Classic D&D Cloaker.
I bought two of these from eBay, they are from Reaper Miniatures.

Enormous book case and books, I bought this at the Salute gaming convention at the Excel centre in London a couple of years ago. I have two of these models, one of which I painted years ago and this one has now been started. I'll add the fine detail at a later date and add the new pictures.

Two new boats to add to my expanding armada of sea worthy vessels.

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