Friday, 22 June 2018

Giant Cyclops of Doom

And another one bites the dust...................

Below are some pictures of a large cyclops that I finished painting this week, the photos show a step by step approach to how I paint my miniatures.


Step 1.
Base paint colours, trying to keep within the lines so that no colours seep onto parts where they shouldn't be.

Step 2.
Once I am happy with the base colours I use Army Painter Quick Shade Dark to add a level of shading to the model.
Then I wait 24 hours for the Quick Shade to dry and work its magic.

Step 3.
Paint with matte varnish to remove the shine from the Quick Shade, plus the varnish is great at protecting the paint from chips and damage.

Step 4.
Once the matte varnish is dry, then add the fine detail and a few more levels of shading.
And add the base detail, this isn't finished yet as I still have to add some shading detail to the base and some lovely green grass.

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