Thursday, 1 March 2018

Graz'zt - The Dark Prince

Graz'zt - The Dark Prince

I've been on a bit of a painting binge over the last few weeks, if you have read my previous posts then you would have seen some dungeon scenery pieces that I finished a few days ago.

This sudden painting sprint is great news for me as I have a backlog of models that have been taking up a lot of space on my desk and now that pile of models has got a little smaller and a lot less evil.....enjoy the pictures.

Base colours added, I followed the painting scheme on the box that Graz'zt came in with the exception of the leather "kilt", I wanted to got for a brighter colour so I chose to paint this is red instead.

The finished article.
The model itself is very nicely sculpted but it's made from a very soft resin so the outstretched arm and sword really bend easily. This isn't great but overall the model looks good.

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