Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Labyrinth of Madness Part 2

Labyrinth of Madness Part 2

Gauntlet thrown and picked up by the brave adventurers, despite the set back of two party deaths in our last D&D session they have come back for more pain and anguish.

Here are some photos of the action from our epic session on Saturday 22nd July, this ended up being a full on 11 hour, non-stop roller coaster action-fest..!!

Nice beholder eye view of the dungeon in it's fullness.

Despite the ominous looking Draco-Lich, this was in fact the corpse of a large, bronze dragon corpse.

The brave adventurers hiding from a vicious Thornslinger plant, but no fear the druid took care of things with a well placed Blight spell.

The party decide to leave the bronze dragon corpse hanging in the previous room and investigate the corridor ahead.

Tough choice, do we take the ominous staircase down or not?

Curse of Strahd - New models