Thursday, 27 October 2016

The Secret War

Stiff upper lip and all that.....

A few months ago I bought the Modiphius games Achtung Cthulhu core books and gave them a jolly good reading on the train. I'd played CoC in other time settings but the idea of the Great Old One and his nefarious buddies getting their tentacles wiggling during WW2 was just to tempting an idea.

So I set about getting as many of the rules and history of the era crammed into my tiny brain, which is already close to being full, and I set about writing a adventure for my gaming buddies.

Most of the work is complete but there are a few ideas that need ironing out and as always we need to book a date in our extremely busy schedules to actually play. 

Listed below are some pictures of the models that I have painted so far, I have posted other pictures of Cthulhu cultists and the like on previous pages on this blog so if you've missed them then please have a scroll down and search for the agents of our giant squid headed overlords.........


Curse of Strahd - New models