Sunday, 2 October 2016

The Tomb of Horrors......


I've asked our fluffy DM if he'd be willing to run the Tomb of Horrors for us using the D&D 5e rules and he's agreed.

Now despite the fact that I've been playing D&D for 25 years I've never played this classic module, now I can hear you all say, "but everyone who's anyone, who's played D&D knows all about this fiendish dungeon."

And to this I say, "Yes I've heard of the legend but this great adventure is still an mystery to me."

So in prep for this soon to be fun day of gaming, our DM has allowed myself and my group of brave chums to roll up some 18th level characters to take on the Tomb. I've decided to play a human wizard and below are some pictures of a model that I have been building, customizing and painting.

This model was originally a elven warrior, I clipped both sword hands off, bent the arms into a forward position. Once that was done I then drilled both arms, inserted wires and then fixed a right hand holding a staff and a left hand holding a deck of cards.

No doubt after all of this hard work he'll probably die in the first room and I'll spend the rest of the day crying into my dice bag.

Completed model, with detailing on the deck of cards that he's holding in his left hand.

The little folk

It's been a few weeks since I lasted posted any new pictures, but that doesn't mean that I haven't been hunched over my office table, busily building and painting new models.

Curse of Strahd - New models