Sunday, 9 October 2016

Orcs of the White Fang Pass and their little grey "friends"

Big thanks to Mr.R

I've taken a back seat on the DM'ing job for a few months and in my place both Mr. R and Mr. G have taken up the mantle of overlord of the gaming table.

We've been playing low level characters in both campaigns, they are being run alternatively, and it's been a blast. I've posted some pictures from our last session, which was about two weeks ago and fingers crossed the next part of Mr. R's campaign will be organised for some time in November.....come on boys, lets make this happen.

Some very excellent dungeon tiles that were crafted by Mr.R from foam board.
Looks like the party are about to get ambushed by some Derro warriors, who all have very fetching 80's style moustaches.

That's a fine pair of red shorts you have there Mr.R.

Amber, Randal, Gilson, Argentum and Jade are about to take on the room of evil tables, it's like a trip to Ikea on a Saturday afternoon.
Oh, the horror....

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