Tuesday, 21 June 2016

4ground telecomms building - finished


I have completed this task and yes the feeling is good! I'm very happy to have finally completed the work to get this beauty finished, so here are some more pictures.

I would happily buy another one of these kits, the MDF is thick enough to give you real support when you are gluing, fixing and pinning the structure together and the instructions are very easy to follow. 

The only negative thing that I would say about this particular kit is that when you are building certain parts of the kit the parts you are looking for can be found across 2 or 3 different spru's. This isn't a major gripe at all, but you have to accept that some patient searching for small parts is necessary.

Any way, as promised here are the final pictures.

Completed kit in all of its glory.

Satellite and telecomms relay tower.

Top view of the roof, complete with roof hatch and aircon inlets. Fresh, cool air is very important in the dark future of humanity so hopefully these will be working.

Rear hatch to the storage bay.

Front door which leads into the building.
For those of you who have keen eyes, you'll notice I put the right window pane on the wrong way round.
It is true I am not a window fitter.

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