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The Rise and Fall of Tiamat

"It takes but a moment to say hello, but forever to say goodbye"

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And this is a final goodbye to Tiamat and her cult of evil dragon botherers.
It has been over 1 year since we started the Wizards o f the Coast dungeon and finally my buddies have finished the quest to defeat the 5 headed Queen of Dragons.

Our D&D session at the weekend started at about 10am and finished just past 1am on Sunday but the bleary eyes, soft drink overload and gamer funk was well worth it.

Here are some pictures of the final few encounters in Xonthals Tower, the Council of Wyrms, meeting the Thayan "diplomats" and the final showdown with Tiamat herself.

Xonthals Tower

Upper level of Xonthals tower

Rolling some moves against the Fire and Earth Elementals

Wind Vortex

Taraz the Fair and his very comfortable room

Meeting the Thayans

Council of Wyrms


Entrance hall to the Tiamat Temple

Part of Tiamats hoard of treasure

Summoning Pool.

Tiamat in all of her MASSIVE glory

Chen the human Monk
Dain the dwarven Battle Cleric
Both go toe to toe against Tiamat


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Here are some photos taken by myself and one of the other players.
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I haven't informed any of my friends who I am running this dungeon for that I have set…

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Entering the goblin cave, searching for Gundren Rockseeker and Sildar.
As you can see the ''roof'' of the cave was made from paper. So as we ventures further in our DM would rip more off to reveal what we could see. Genius!
Watch out for sneaky goblins on bridges. 
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