Sunday, 20 December 2015

Rise of Tiamat - Xonthar's tower and maze

Keth, Jez, Dain, Galasson and Chen.
Attacked by a Aboleth in one of the many maze rooms

Chen going toe to toe with the Aboleth.
If i remember correctly his war cry was, "Calamari anyone?"

Meeting the Dao.

Fighting the carnivorous plants in the maze.

Rise of Timat - Ambushed by the cult

Jez and Keth.
Half Orc twin brothers are attacked by the cult in an ambush at their local tavern.

Kal the Barbarian.
The cult waited for the party to split up in Waterdeep and then attacked them at the same time.

Rise of Tiamat - The Misty Forest and the Green Dragon Chulth

Roper attack.

Finding the missing villagers
Fighting the cultists

Curse of Strahd - New models