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Dungeons & Dragons Airship

Why walk when you can fly?
So a couple of weeks ago when me and my D&D chums had decided on a date to play again I came up with an idea to spice up the upcoming session.
I am still running the Rise of Tiamat dungeon and one of the chapters asked for an ambush type attack for the unsuspecting PC's, so I decided to run this out in the wilds of Faerun and for the party to arrive in style. My original idea was for the party to arrive together in a huge steam powered airship, but I couldn't find the right stuff to build it with and due to a split in the party I had to re-write the encounter so that the PC's arrive in who smaller groups.
Any way, after much searching on Google I finally got a plan together and started to build the airship for the game
Below are the pictures, enjoy.

Stuff done....but there's always more stuff to paint.

Finally finished the Solar and Ettin.

Check these beauties out.

Stuff that I've been painting and dipping and dipping and painting