Monday, 20 July 2015

Painting 28mm miniatures

Do other DM's paint models for specific campaign NPC's and monsters??

I was wondering are there are DM's out there who search wide and far on the internet for the "perfect" model for a specific NPC, monster or character they are going to play? 

I have to admit I am a bit OTT when it comes to this, I like to have new models painted and ready for when I play D&D and I also like to have the correct models for monsters and NPC's that are in the dungeon I am running.

Have you gone to extreme lengths to find that perfect model?

When I started to read the Hoard of the Dragon Queen module I search high and low for Dragon Kin models for NPC's and also for monsters and characters later in the story....I won't write which ones yet as my friends who I run this dungeon for read this blog.

But I'll post some pictures so illustrate what I am talking about.

To follow on from this post, I have always found it hard to paint eyes and faces for 28mm models....have you? To that end I found this great blog which has given me some great ideas on how to paint my next set of NPC's and monsters who's faces aren't being hidden by helmets or hoods.

Blog link:

Hoard of the Dragon Queen - Skyreach Castle

And now the end is near, and so I face the episode.

But before I start to write about the final episode I'd like to reflect on what happened in the hunting lodge. 

Lodge - Breakdown:
4 armed troll and pets defeated - check. proverb
Cultists in the kitchen vanquished - check. 
Blasty ice trap in the hall set off - check. (it was a close roll)
Teleporting tapestry obviously touched - check.
Booty found and key for chest used - check.
Important plot related information from Talis the White retrieved - mostly.....however she did escape to possibly return in another episode or a reboot in 30+ years time when the franchise needs some extra platinum pieces. 

Lodge - OAB:
Along the way two of the party had to be creatively removed from the game, one regular gaming friend couldn't make the session so his character, (Elf Bard), ended up investigated a part of the hunting lodge alone. And the other regular player, (human monk), could only play for part of the session, so his character decided to go and look for the missing Bard. 

I will have to re-write part of the dungeon so that these players are re-introduced once we all get back together to play again, any ideas from blog readers are welcome.

I digress.

With the hunting lodge just a distant ,and for some players a painful, memory we are now on our way to Skyreach castle. The players didn't stall for too long in the village of Parnast. There was some roleplaying and excellent skill related dice rolls but with the castle looming in the misty distance the players decided to plough on and make their way to the entrance on foot.

We will be picking up the next D&D session on the 1st August, which means models for me to paint and other bits to set up.

Curse of Strahd - New models