Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Hoard of the Dragon Queen - The Hunting Lodge

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So, we have made it to the lodge!
Episode 7 has started and I feared for a TPK in the first encounter, yes I was slightly concerned that the 4 armed beast that was Trepsin and his loyal guard of ambush drakes would be too much for the party too handle. But as always I ploughed on regardless and didn't change the encounter one bit.

Image result for hoard of the dragon queen hunting lodgeAnd the party did me proud, this brute and his drakes were no match for the group of adventurers that I am pitting my wits against. Well apart from the monk in the party who once again took a solid beating about the face and testicles.

So this has led me to a conundrum, is this dungeon too easy for the party, should I start up-statting the dungeon and encounters to make things a bit more challenging? Well we will see this Saturday, once again I will be behind the "all knowing" DM screen but I will be running the dungeon for a slightly reduced group. One of our number is away on holiday and another friend is only able to play for half the day.

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