Monday, 23 March 2015

Gnoll pack

Here are some pictures of the Gnoll pack that I have painted, these will be used for an encounter involving the party and a late night raid on their camp.

This will happen "on the road" from Baldurs Gate to Waterdeep.

Hoard of the Dragon Queen - On the road - part 1

So this weekend see's me and my D&D chums taking up the Tiamat challenge again, the challenge for them is to navigate the next chapter of the WoTC campaign and my challenge has been to basically write almost every encounter. 

I'm unsure as to why WoTC decided to leave this very long and very important chapter up to the DM to almost 100% write, but I'm sure they had their reasons - costs, time or maybe their unflinching faith that DM's all over the realm would be thrilled with partaking in some campaign writing.

Any way, I've prepared a whole load of new bits and pieces for Saturday and the pictures will follow soon.

Curse of Strahd - New models