Sunday, 22 November 2015

Stuff that I've been painting and dipping and dipping and painting

From the Princes's of the Apocalypse booster pack.
This was pre-painted but because it's such a quality figure I wanted to dip and add some fine detail, I'll also re-base this beauty when I get a chance.

Again this is from the Princes's of the Apocalypse booster pack.
Nice model, I've dipped it and will repaint and re-base later this week.

I bought these 6 skeletons from eBay about 2 years ago and they've been sat on my "to-do" shelf for ages. So whilst I was waiting for other miniatures to dry I thought I'd get them started.

I've only started the process of painting these so they have the base colours on and nothing else. I'll get the dipping and fine detail added later.

I bought these at Salute this year, again they've been sat on my shelf waiting to be started so I cracked on with them today. Alien eggs in all their glory, no I just need to find a game to use them in.....Who's up for Rifts..!!??!!..

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