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More stuff that I have painted

Is painting 28 mm models for 2 days straight bad for you.....?

Image result for sore eyes 
This is what my eyes looked like after testing the above question.

For the last two weeks I have been left to my own devices, this basically means that due to my real world work commitments I have been home alone without my family. Why you ask, well whilst I earn an "honest" crust in the big smoke of London my family has been away on holiday in the South of France for TWO weeks.

Now despite my Mrs and the kids being away this hasn't meant I have also had a relaxing time, I still have to get up at 5:30 am every day to then face a 2 hour journey from my home to the office, however I did have a grand weekend of playing D&D on TWO consecutive days with my buddies at the Gaming Palace of Divine justice.......

And as well as the fun dice rolling I also had the opportunity to catch up on some much needed painting, this is something I don't get to do that often and I have also made a pledge to not buy any more 28 mm models until I have painted the huge backlog of existing models that I have.

So to this end I spent the better part of TWO days painting a whole host of models, enjoy the pictures.

Giant purple maggots.

Dancing bear, not painted for any particular reason except I thought it was a nice model

Grave robber or grave digger, you choose
Great big rocky thing, it sort of looks like a three fingered hand I though.
I bought this at a gaming/tabletop convention in London this year called Salute.

Same as above,

Giant wooden signal flare, could be used for a village under threat or just as a big pile of wood.
Lots of uses for this.

Bloody big Orc added to show scale

Fire Giant.
Not 100% finished, I still need to add the fine detail and re-base him.
Lovely big beard.....

Market or bazaar street seller, the tent and items in the background weren't painted by myself.
Orc barbarian.
Painted for a mate of mine who wants to play one of these brutes in D&D.
Very cool model and a joy to paint.
Dead bodies, I bought these on eBay but they came painted in fairly basic colours and with no bases.
So I have dipped them and added some nice new bases.
Again this aren't 100% finished as they need to be matte varnished and some fine detail adding.


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