Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Hoard of the Dragon Queen - Photos from Saturday

So it has begun!
Tiamat and her evil brood have started their plans, who will stop them?

Well by the looks of these photos the fate of Faerun rests in the unlikely hands of two Half-Orc brothers, a Elven musician, a human in his pj's and a rather large half naked savage human warrior.

Will they prevail?

The party have safely navigated the tunnel from the keep and are now in Greenest looking for a cultist prisoner to return to Governor Nighthill for questioning.

Kobolds and cultists appear to have the upper hand.

Attack on the keep by a Adult Blue Dragon.
See the villagers run for cover!

The day after the raid and the party are tracking the cultists.

A view from the guard tower at the cultists camp.

Cult of the Dragon camp.

Cult of the Dragon camp.

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