Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Hoard of the Dragon Queen - More stuff that I've painted.

Here are some more pictures of the models and other bits that I have painted for the Hoard of the Dragon Queen campaign.

Tents painted and finished, these will be used for the Dragon Cultist camp.
The brown tents came out the best and these will be used for the Kobold and mercenaries camp and the red and blue tents will be for the cultists and Dragonkin.

Close up picture of the tents, I'm still not 100% happy with the colouring on the blue/purple tents so I might repaint these a later date.

Lizard men.
These have been painted in the base colours and then dipped. I'll add the fine detail and clean up the rest of the painting later.

Giant purple mushrooms.
I made these using milliput, but I still need to add detail to the bases and also matte varnish them

Blue Dragon from the D&D Icon range, I repainted this model and also dipped it in Army Builder Dark Tone. Once all of that was done I then added the fine detail and the flock and rock on the base

Pig Sty.
For the village of Greenest,

Monk model bought from eBay but I have re-based it and added some new fine detail and dipped.

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