Thursday, 18 September 2014

D&D - Taking the 5th.

I've read the new D&D PHB cover to cover, more than once, and I am getting to grips with the new system. 

And I have to admit I really like it, the new PHB is well put together and the rules flow through a very logical progression so it makes reading and understanding the new rules straightforward.

Here are a few points that I have made with regards to improvements in the new version of D&D

1. Stat increases for the race you pick are a lot better and give you better chances of gaining high scores in the stats that you need. (Not that I am a power player, but getting the right stats does help)

2. The new Advantage/Disadvantage system is very simple but an excellent way to DM situations that are of a benefit or against the PC's.

3. The spell lists are listed alphabetically and not by level or class any more, so finding the spell you need is super quick.

4. The disclaimer on the inside of page two is worth the price of the book on its own....hilarious!

5. Amazing artwork throughout the book.

6. You get to pick from a base of 8 races and 12 classes from the basic PHB, this gives you more than enough scope to play a character and class that is customisable to you.

7. Base modifiers for stats start at 12-13 now, so by getting these as a score you at least get a +1 to associated rolls.

8. WoTC have embraced all of the "old school" mythos once again, as soon as you read the first few pages of the PHB you are immediately put at ease from seeing words such as Forgotten Realms, Greyhawk, Darksun, Spelljammer, Ravenloft, etc etc etc...all of these simple yet important words let you know that the D&D you loved from way back in the 80's & 90's has been brought back to life or unlife and updated.

Sunday, 14 September 2014

D&D 5th Edition has landed

Now before we get started I would like to make it clear that this is not a review of 5th Edition D&D, to simply put it there are enough online reviews of WoTC new version of D&D and I am not about to write another one.

This is mostly due to the fact that I am no professional writer and also because I am far too busy reading the 5th Edition PHB and enjoying it.

I've played a few different versions of D&D, starting with the red box when I was 8 and then five years after that being introduced to AD&D 2nd Edition by a friend from school.

AD&D 2nd Edition was the version that I played/loved/read the most, and as you can see from my blog I still play it now.

However times are a changing and even though I didn't like D&D 3rd Edtion or even attempted to play 4th Edition I feel that after reading the new PHB cover to cover that WoTC have finally created a version of D&D that is not only true to its roots but also a much improved and streamlined version of the rules.

So with that in mind I will now be embarking on a new adventure of my own, learning, playing and enjoying 5th Edition D&D and it is a adventure I am not taking alone.

My new PHB and Hoard of the Dragon Queen books.

I bought two boxes of the Icons of the Realms models from my local games stockist.
Great to see a couple of Dragons in the boxes, I have no idea how rare these models are but it was a nice surprise. No doubt I'll be heading back to the same shop tomorrow on my lunch break from the office to purchase a couple more.

RIfts Advenure: Little Spaces - Space Crafts

So one of the GM aids that I use to write and create dungeons is a set of small books called Little Spaces, you might have heard of these being available on the website.

These books are great for GM's who want to add an extra level descriptive detail to a dungeon, they are well laid out and very easy to follow.

Below are some of the example descriptions that I used in my recently run Rifts adventure.

Description of space station
Size: Medium
State: Abandoned
Population: D100 (I rolled 41, this included baddies and escaped NPC's)*
Crew Status: Dead or escaped. Escaped wasn't on the table, but I wrote this into the adventure.
Mission: Discovery

The above rolls gave me enough of a starting point to be able to build the core idea for the adventure and also figure out the size and shape of the space station.

*Roll Call for abandoned Coalition Orbital Penal Colony Tau Sigma Xi

Inmate/test subject codeAgeGenderPlace of BirthStatus
No.0142MCoalition States.Deceased, did not survive phase 1 of stimulant injections.
No.0231MCoalition States.Deceased, did not survive phase 1 of stimulant injections.
No.0319FUnknown.Terminated due to inability to conduct teslar energy.
No.0446FCoalition States.Terminated due to stimulant rejection.
No.0519MCoalition States.Survived treatment for 2 weeks, then Terminated due to stimulant rejection
No.0623MCoalition States.Survived treatment, incarcerated.
No.0727MCoalition States.Survived treatment, incarcerated.
No.0821MCoalition States.Survived treatment, incarcerated.
No.0942FUnknown.Terminated due to inability to conduct teslar energy
No.1042FUnknown.Terminated due to inability to conduct teslar energy
No.1152FUnknown.Deceased, did not survive phase 2 of stimulant injections or bio augmentation surgery
No.1230FCoalition States.Survived treatment for 4 weeks, then Terminated due to stimulant rejection
No.1320MCoalition States.Survived treatment, incarcerated.
No.1421MCoalition States.Survived treatment, incarcerated.
No.1520MCoalition States.Survived treatment, incarcerated.
No.1622MCoalition States.Survived treatment, incarcerated.
No.1722FCoalition States.Survived treatment, incarcerated.
No.1823MCoalition States.Survived treatment, incarcerated.
No.1930FCoalition States.Survived treatment for 4 weeks, then Terminated due to stimulant dependancy.
No.2023MCoalition States.Survived treatment, incarcerated.
No.2126MCoalition States.Survived treatment, incarcerated.
No.2228MCoalition States.Survived treatment, incarcerated.
No.2327MCoalition States.Survived treatment, incarcerated.
No.2422MCoalition States.Survived treatment, incarcerated.
No.2523MCoalition States.Survived treatment, incarcerated.

Science/Medical Staff
Doctor Henry Kline - Lead Bio-Chemist/Head of Scientific Operations
Doctor Yvonne Smith - Co-Lead Bio-Chemist
Professor Jeremy Kline - Bio-Engineer/Advanced Nano Technology
Professor William Kroen - Cyber Bio-Engineer
Doctor Lothar Burgheist - Cyber Bio-Engineer
Military Staff
Colonel W.H.Vice - Head of Military Operations
Staff Sergeant Douglas - Civilian Staff Liaison
Staff Sergeant Adams - Armourer/Pilot
Private Shire - Guard
Private Miro - Guard
Private Adams - Guard
Private Yousef - Technician/Engineer
Private 001 - Classified (Advanced Weapons/Borg/Nano Technology Research)
Civilian Staff
Mr. Oliver Carroll - Orderly
Mrs. Frieda Carroll - Cook
Mr. Karl Jancker - Maintenance

Zombie Apocalypse....complete