Monday, 28 April 2014

AD&D game this Saturday

Pictures of the warship that I built and painted from my previous posts were but a taster of the models that I have prepped for the AD&D dungeon that I am running this Saturday, 03/05/14. I don't wan to go into too much detail as a few of the players who I am running this dungeon for read this blog but the adventure will have a sea based start, dungeon crawl middle and a huge surprise at the end......oh..!!

I still have a few dungeon tiles and maps to sort out before Saturday but I am hopeful to get these done this week.

I will take as many photo's as I can on Saturday of the dungeon and post them here, but I will probably be too busy running the dungeon to do this on the big day.....but who know's the inevitable pizza break may afford me a few minutes to post what's been going on.

Curse of Strahd - New models