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Crow....or is it a crow.?

If you've listened to the WoTC Penny Aracde podcast then you know the truth..!

Boring doors.....

Some more pictures of the doors that I painted for the dungeon, these will be used with the 3D tiles that I built...


Pictures of Fabu's serving girls

I've finally finished the last of the models, pictured here are two of Fabu's serving girls.
These are both going to be Tieflings, in total I will have four girls but the other two are already painted and in a model box at a mates house so I will have to upload these later.

Ark of the Mad Mage - brief

Here is the brief that I have emailed to one of my mates who is playing this dungeon next weekend...I am hoping this will give him enough ideas to get the adventure started.

His character is a human mage (11th level), non specialist.

This brief covers information on two previous dungeons that the party have been involved with recently.

The memories of the excursion to the Plane of Iuz, (Marks Dungeon), are still weighing heavy on your mind, the realization that you were unable to find and defeat the Demi-Lich but that you still survived the Tomb are both comfort and a source of frustration to you.
So with a heavy heart but clear mind you decide to head off into Waterdeep, away from the chatter of your fellow adventurers and to spend some time alone deciphering some scrolls that you found in White Plume Mountain.
You stroll out into a cold yet bright day and decide to take a walk to your favourite library, this large stone building is a place where you have spent many a day in stud…

Ark of the Mad Mage update

Almost done..!!

So the finals parts of my dungeon are being put together this week in preparation for next weekends 2 days of solid dungeoneering...yes I am nervous and yes I am praying to all the gods of Faerun that I haven't forgotten anything.

Saying that though there is only so much prep that you can do for a dungeon and I always find myself ad-libbing through the day anyway, it's amazing that no matter how much you prepare as a DM you always find the need to change or add things to a dungeon on the fly. But that is one of the things that keeps me interesting and enjoy being a DM..

So the final list of things to get ready this week are as follows.

I need to paint 2 serving girl models, these have been bought and I have part painted them this week. I am hopeful that tonight I can finish them off and get the fine detail added. As soon as they are done I will upload some new pictures.

After spending some time planning the layout of the 3D dungeon, (see my previous posts for pictur…