Thursday, 13 February 2014


More Jaeger photos.

New Jaeger pictures

As promised here are some updated pictures of the Jaegers that I've painted for my dungeon.
These models aren't finished yet, as you can see there is plenty of work to do on the bases, I had to add some extra support under the Jaegers feet. I used milliput to create extra support and it seems to have worked well, I have included a Dryad miniature to the pictures so that you can see the scale of the Jaegers.


Update - there is no update..!

No more pictures to upload today....last night was spent watching the football and not painting/model building or generally getting loads of glue and paint splattered all over my hands.

But I will start the final painting of the Jaegers tonight....hopefully....I just need to add some more fine detail to some of the Jaegers armour, clean up the bases where I have made a few mistakes then dip the Grey Knight Jaeger in army painter dip.

Once that's done I will leave the Jaegers to dry for a couple of days and then matte varnish them.

I do have some new pictures of the dungeon tiles that I built, I have laid them out in the dungeon formation that will make up level 1 and 2 of the dungeon. Unfortunately though these are on my iPad and I forgot to bring my lightning cable with me into work again I will have to wait to upload these later today.

I am also planning to use the Malifaux 3D card dungeons that I have as the backdrop for the final fight, again on the WoTC YouTube video for Acquisitions Inc the party end up fighting a huge Kaiju on the streets of WaterDeep in their Jaeger.

To represent this I have built a street, market place and surrounding buildings using the Malifaux 3D dungeon tiles, it's almost finished and I need to unpack it all and take some photos....once this is done I will post them on here.

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Jaeger Photos

So as promised here are some pictures of the Jaegers that I have been painting./building for the last few weeks....I prepped the bad boys for painting about 2 weeks ago and they have been sat in my garage since then drying and also getting some much needed air to them. 

I primed these with an undercoat from a spray can which made for a lot of mess hence why I painted them in my garage and not the dining room table.

As you can see from the pictures I have almost completed all three Jaegers, I still need to add some more fine detail to a couple of the figures and their bases and the final Jaeger....the grey one that looks like a Knight....still needs some more detailed painting, a few touch up jobs to the base and I also need to "dip" it in some Army Painter dip to highlight the armour detail.

Once all of that is done I will then need to matte spray all 3 models to take off the sparkly sheen, again I'll have to do this at the weekend in my garage.

Any way enough talk, have a look and enjoy the pictures.

Celtic Hammer

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Snake room

So here are some pictures of Fabu from the Ark of the Mad Mage dungeon and also the huge snakes from the Snake room. When these pictures were taken I had not quite finished basing the models, but I will upload some new ones later today that will show the models with completed bases.

For some reason the photos of the Djinni model that I am using for Fabu are not displaying, not sure why....but I'll try adding some more when I get home from work later today.

Update - more model painting

The majority of the miniatures that I have sourced for this dungeon are now either fully painted or just in need of a quick matte varnish.

However I still have a list of models that need to be painted and I was hoping to get them done this week, but those plans might not happen as I am still trying to find time to complete the Jaeger models that I bought from scibor miniatures a few weeks ago.


If you have listened to the WoTC pod cast and watched the videos that I posted earlier on this blog you will know that at the end of the dungeon the party get to pilot a huge "Jaeger" to take on the final baddie....well I planned on building a Jaeger myself but due to a lack of skill in doing this and also time frames of getting the project started I had to shelve these plans. 

So I started to search the internet for anything that I could use to represent the Jaegers that the party would find and after much searching I came across the scibor miniatures website and bought 3 of their huge steam-powered robot models. All of them needed to be built and painted and this process has taken quite a lot of time.

However 2 of the Jaegers are now ready so I just have one left and I should hopefully get that completed tonight, once they are all finished I will post some pictures of them on here.

In the meantime I will post of pictures of the other miniatures that I have painted for this dungeon.

Hope you enjoy..!!

Curse of Strahd - New models