Thursday, 6 February 2014

Acquisitions Inc podcast

In case anyone who reads this is interested in listening to the first part of this dungeon via the WoTC website here is a link to their pod cast page.

You should be able to find all of the pod casts for the Ark of the Mad Mage dungeon plus others that they have run in previous years.


Ark of the Mad Mage: Stuff to do.....

So for tonight I am planning on getting the following miniatures and set piece models painted.

3 Dryads
Set piece doors.

If I can crack on and get these done I will post some pictures up tomorrow.

I'll also post some pictures of the other models that I have painted for this dungeon and some of the resin doors that I bought and have finished as well.

Acquisitions Inc. PAX Prime D&D Game 2013

In case you haven't seen the PAX Prime 2013 D&D game that my dungeon is based on then please watch the video, not only is the dungeon brilliant but this video is hilarious.

The video shown here is the 2nd half of the dungeon, you can listen to the first part via the pod casts on the Wizards of the Coast website.....please listen to them if you already haven't as again they are excellent.

Painted 3D tiles

So my plan this weekend is to spend a few hours in my garage painting the finals pieces of the 3D dungeon tiles and also prepping other miniatures that I need to still paint for the dungeon.

As you can probably imagine I have had a lot of work to do for this dungeon and I am nervous that I will not get everything finished before the first weekend of March. Checking the dates today has made me realize that I only have 3 weekends left before I have to play this and I am starting to sweat about all of the work that is left.

Any way, you gotta stay positive and I think I have enough time to get all the prep done.

Shown here are a few pictures of some of the 3D tiles that I have already started to paint...


Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Here is the final look at most the rooms and corridors that I created

First set of 3D tiles

Here are a few more of the first set of rooms that I designed and also a quick picture of how they fixed together, at this point I was just building the various rooms and corridors without much planning of how they would all look or work together and I wanted to wait until the were all done before I started painting them.

First room built.....

This was the first room that I built, I used a tile cement adhesive to stick the tiles together and I used cardboard as the base. I know this was a cheap alternative as a base but I had to watch the costs on this project

That's a lot of bricks and tiles

Here is a picture taken on my phone of the kit about 10 minutes after it arrived through my front door, I was very eager to get it unpacked and to look at the contents.

As you can see there were a lot of very small wall bricks and floor tiles to sort through....but it was well worth it.

Dungeon creation

When I originally set out to recreate this dungeon I decided that I would just either use some standard 2D dungeon tiles that I had or I would revert back to the old school way of doing things and just draw out the dungeon room by room on my Chessex dry wipe board.

This would have been the easy way to do and as I am always trying to improve the dungeon experience for my friends I decided to try something new.

So I decide that I would either buy or build actual 3D tiles, similar to those sold on the dwarven forge website. After assessing how much this would cost I decided that I would buy a "build it yourself" kit and start putting together some test tiles, so that I could work out time and expense.

Needless to say this proved to be a long process but well worth it.

Shown on this blog are some of the original pictures that I took of the kit that I bought and some of the first rooms and corridors that I built.

Ark of the Mad Mage - update

Hi all, 

So I set up this blog to document a AD&D dungeon that I created/copied which is based on the excellent pod casts and PAX 2013 D&D dungeons run by Chris Perkins for his "(in)famous" D&D crew.

If you have seen or listened to these pod casts and videos then you will know the back story of what this dungeon was and how is played out with the DM and players. However I wanted to re-create the dungeon for my group of gaming friends so that they could experience the game for real.

When I first set out to write this dungeon I spent a lot of time listening, watching and then re-listening and re-watching the various pod casts and videos so that I knew the original dungeon concepts inside and out. 

Hopefully you will enjoy what I have presented here and you will be able to see how I moved from the original concept of bringing this dungeon to the table and how it finally played out.

I haven't informed any of my friends who I am running this dungeon for that I have set up this blog and I have been intentionally vague about details as I want this to be a surprise......hopefully Google searches haven't been helpful in them finding this blog....with that said I've only had about 180 views over the last month or so, so it's not like this blog is super popular, well not popular enough to earn and £'s from any way..!! ;-)

Curse of Strahd - New models