Monday, 6 October 2014

Lost Mines of Phandelver - Pictures

Here are some pictures from last weeks game.

This is the first time we have all got together to play 5th edition, I think we got most of the rules nailed but as always there were a few areas that I was not sure on and I was also playing two magic users so that added to the rule checking.

This is the 3D dungeon tile that the DM, Phil, created for was awesome!!
Made from blocks of polystyrene and painted all by his own fair hand.
Well done  Phil..!!!

Ground view of the dungeon tile and the party are about to enter the dark delves of the goblin cave complex.

We are trying to sneak up to the cave entrance, but this wasn't easy with two heavily armed Dragon Born.
One of whom is a Paladin who could only speak at the top of his voice.

Aerial shot of the party

Roll call from right to left.
Randall - Human Rogue
Argentum - Dragonborn (white) Paladin
Jade Dragon - Dragonborn (green) Cleric
Gilson - Rock Gnome Mage
Amber - Dwarf Figher

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