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Lost Mines of Phandelver - Characters that I played.

Morning fellow dungeon delvers..!

So me and my gaming troupe started the D&D Starter Set dungeon: Lost Mines of Phandelver and I have to say I had a real blast.

Before I add the obligatory pictures here is a quick breakdown on the 2 PC's I was playing in the dungeon, yes that's correct I was not the DM for this I actually got a chance to play from the ''other side of the table''.

Gilson Heath
Rock Gnome Diviner (Wizard)

Born in the great gnome city of Blidgenstone Gilson is the eldest of four siblings, he was never the biggest or strongest gnome and his skill with the pick axe and hammer were limited. But he did have a natural talent for magic and the creation of mechanical toys and trinkets. This power came in handy with the gnome miners as he was able to predict where veins of gold and gems could be found and also which areas of the Underdark were safe to travel. 

However life in Blidgenstone was quiet and Gilson dreamed of a life of adventure and danger, this dream led to many arguments with his family as they were worried that such a life would lead to ruin but when Gilson came of age he decided to leave and seek fame and fortune elsewhere. He managed to gain passage from Blidgenstone to the surface with a group of dwarven miners who were looking to trade goods with the surface folk, their journey to the surface was long and treacherous and along the way various people of all races came and left the travelling band. One such creature would become a stalwart friend of Gilson; this friend was simply called Jade Dragon.

Jade Dragon*
Green Dragonkin Acolyte (Cleric of Bahamut the Goodly Platinum Dragon)

Captured as a hatchling by the evil Drow and taken to the Drow city of Menzoberranzen to be a slave and a curiosity for one of the cities ruling houses, early life was hard for Jade Dragon. His Drow mistresses were cruel and years of this cruelty taught Jade Dragon to never speak and never look anyone in the eye, but this constant cruelty only tempered his resolve to escape and this was aided by his unflinching devotion to Bahamut. His chance to escape came one day when the city was hit by a tremendous earthquake, in the ensuing chaos Jade Dragon was able to find freedom and travelled for many weeks on his own in the dangerous Underdark. Food and shelter were limited and Jade Dragon would have died had it not been for the kind hearted nature of a group of dwarves who found him near death and starving in a cave complex not far from the surface world. They took him with them, fed and clothed him and nursed him back to health and whilst with these dwarves he came to know a small gnome called Gilson who he soon trusted as a close friend.

*Due to the cruelty he suffered at the hands of the Drow he rarely speaks and will only converse with people he does not know through Gilson. However he will speak arcane words of power when using his Cleric spells and abilities.


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