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Rifts - Adventure Synopsis


The party have recently taken up residence in a small rural community based in the wilds of the Lone Star State in the USA.

The community is built around the foundations of what is thought to be a Pre-Rifts military base, there are still a few of the old military buildings standing such as a communications tower, med lab and aircraft hangar. The communication and aircraft hanger are all being used as residential buildings are there are over 20 families living and working in this small town, up until 3 weeks ago all of the military buildings were only powered with solar panels that were mounted on the various roofs. 

However once the party arrived they were able to negotiate fixing the towns power problems and in payment they would be able to stay in one of the disused barracks. James Lee, (Marks character), was able to identify and fix a problem with the power unit and then re-route the power direct to the hanger and comms building, as well as that he was also able to move the solar panels so that they now power part of the barracks and med lab. 

This was great news for the residents as they were able to have a regular power source which hadn't been available for many years, the population can now have heat, hot water and security lights on whenever needed. This change in the fortune of people in Old Perfection has not gone unnoticed and the party are now welcomed as heroes by most of the populace.

However the new supply of power seems to be only a small percentage of what is available and James Lee is investigating a possible power drain.

What the party don't know is the base where they have taken up residence was once a landing and evac station for an orbital penal colony that was abandoned by the 

Coalition about 20 years ago. The penal colony was a space base used by the Coalition to test new Juicer and Cyborg technology, however many of the experiments failed and after a break out of a deadly nano virus the station was decontaminated and abandoned. The beaurocrats in the Coalition who were responsible for the station have since destroyed all of the files and evidence of the station and it has been filed as a failed loss.

When James Lee begins to investigate the power drain he will be led out of the camp to a long forgotten and hidden underground complex, this will only consist of a couple of rooms and a set of corridors. All markings and signs would have long been removed / destroyed when the Coalition abandoned the base however one computer panel remains and a teleport pad that will allow one way access to the penal colony. This teleport pad has long been powered off but since James Lee restored the power grid it has been reactivated. It won't take long for him to figure this out that this is the source of the power drain, but what he won’t know is that to deactivate the pad he will have to stand on it and doing so will cause the pad to activate and transport James Lee or anyone else standing on it to the orbital penal colony.

Once all of the party arrive at the orbital station they will soon discover that the teleport pad at their end is only one way and that they will need to fight their way through the inhabitants of the station, reach the main bridge and locate the final working teleport pad back to the surface and they will only have 2 hours to do so before the on board computer initiates the "Hammer Down Protocol", which is a failsafe that opens all of the outer doors, thereby killing all occupants on board. This safety protocol will be started as soon as the party attempt to escape from the lower maintenance level to the Lab and Holding Cells level

The orbital station is split into 3 levels, the party will arrive at the lower maintenance level.

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