Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Rifts models

 Fighter Jet from GW, I bought this from eBay and it was painting green. After a quick respray in black I then added the lighter and darker grey colours. I still need to finish the pilot and crew figures.
 These are the models that I have painted that are going to be used as the party members, I need to paint one more now but if the guys who are playing have their own models then these can be used as NPC's. I just like to paint.
 Concrete and steel barricades, these are to be used as part of the scenery in the 30mm town that I have built for the scenario. The town picture is the last one on this post....see below.. 
 Computer terminals, once again bought from eBay. Nice and easy to paint and I have added the black displays. As we all know in the dark future of Rifts all computer terminals run on DOS.
Old Perfection.
This is the town where the Rifts mercenaries will start their adventure.

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