Monday, 12 May 2014

Pearl of the Sea Mother - AD&D High Level dungeon....update so far.

On the behest of Lord Piergeiron Paladinson the party have traveled to the sea port of Briggs Point from Waterdeep and met up with their contact, the Deva called Makanel.

Makanel has informed the party that the local fishing village has been infected with a curse that has caused all of the inhabitants to go insane. This insanity has caused various member of the community to act in the following ways.

Villagers begin to greet one another by placing their hands against their necks and flapping them like gills. 
The only food made available and consumed in the village is lobster.
A fisherman dashes through town, shouting “I don’t want to wait! The time is now!”
People press their ears to the ground (even in the flood waters), nearly drowning themselves in the process. If asked about this behavior, they reply that they are interested in what the fish have to say.

She has also informed the party that the insanity is being caused by a tribe of Kuo-Toa who have recently taken up ownership of a large sunken temple to the vile goddess Blipdoolpoolp and that their use of an evil artifact is causing an ever increasing tide to wash inland and turn any surface dwellers insane.

The party have now been tasked with the job of descending underground to this temple, destroying any Kuo-Toa that they encounter, freeing any slaves that they find, finding the Pearl of the Sea Mother and then bringing this artifact to the surface so that is can be destroyed.

Will the party triumph....

Role call for the party.

Silk - Kender Thief 11th level
Mirimar - Human Mage 10th level
Elbren - Gnome Speciality Priest 11th level
Gilar - Dwarf Warrior 9th level
Dorain - Dwarf Warrior 9th level

As you can see there are 5 party members but these are being played by 3 friends of mine, so it's quite a small group who I DM for but I always find that smaller groups are easier to DM for and they work together much better

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