Thursday, 15 May 2014

Blipdoolpoolp....The Sea Mother

Here are a few pictures of the Blipdoolpoolp model that I crafted, I used two separate models that I bought. One was a large female serpent and the other was some sort of lobster monster.

I had to remove the arms up to the shoulders on the female serpent model, drill small holes and then attach the lobster claws. Once that was done I used milliput to fill in the gaps between the arms and also around the waist then I covered her face in milliput as well. Covering the face was done so that I could give her a less human visage, I later added some more details to the head and face like the antennae and lobster mandibles.

All in all I am very happy with the model, she towered over the PC's as you can see and had her vengeance for what the party had done....hell hath no fury like a huge lobster lady scorn.!

You can see the basic model here, I made the mistake of fixing the body to the serpent tail before adding the new arms.

You can see from this picture that I detached the body and then clipped the arms up to the shoulders, I then drilled some holes so that I could fox the new lobster claws into place.

Almost done, the new arms were fixed into place using glue and milliput.

Here is the completed model, the arms fixed into place and the body and serpent tail attached,

I have base painted the model in black, once this dries I will start painting this beauty. I am a bit worried about painting this model as it is quite large but as soon as she is done I will add some new pictures.

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