Friday, 7 March 2014

Updated photos from last week - Ark of the Mad Mage

Morning all, 

So I have some new photos from last Saturdays game, these were taken by my friend who was playing the Gnome Cleric, he's got a much sharper eye when it comes to photos so these look really good.

Attached below are pictures of the set piece rooms for levels 1 & 2 of the dungeon.

You can see the stairs down and the first statue that the party meet and in the distance you can just make out the Frog Temple

Frog temple again, the party have just made their way through the Wizards room and are now about the "Stroke the Frog"....together.!

Book room

Book room and statue of Halaster holding his book

Fight with the Undead Dragon and you can just make out the floating statue of Halaster Blackcloak....oh and my DM screen. The Undead Dragon is a model from the D&D Dungeon Command boxed set....very cool miniature.

A great picture of my hand and arm.....and it looks like I am either moving monsters around or the party....

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