Friday, 7 March 2014

Final battle with the Tarrasque.

I didn't get a chance to take any photos of the final battle as I was too busy running the Tarrasque and keeping an eye on what was going on with the Jaegers.

The models that you can see were built and painted by myself, see earlier blog posts, the "Tarrasque" was a Kaiju model that I bought from Forbidden Planet in's a great store and very close to my office....and the street tiles and the 3D card buildings are from the Malifaux Street and Buildings boxed sets. 

Oh the Jaeger models were bought from scibor miniatures....awesome miniatures and a really cool website, I've bought a tonne of stuff from them and never been disappointed with the quality of their resin models.

I tried to give the Jaegers cool but cheesy names.

Any way, enough of that here are the pictures.

Righteous Fury

Legionnaire Crixus

Celtic Hammer

The Tarrasque chewing the face of Celtic Hammer

All 3 Jaegers fighting the Tarrasque and possibly my finger pointing at Righteous Fury.!

At the end of the fight both Righteous Fury and Celtic Hammer has been smashed to pieces and the pilots had to evacuate the Jaegers, this left just Legionnaire Crixus to fight and with a final upper cut to the jaw he defeated the Tarrasque and saved Waterdeep....

Our D&D session had started at aboout 10am last Saturday and the final battle ended at 11:30pm, so we gamed for a solid 13 hours straight...only stopping to order pizzas and the occasional bio.....needless to say it was a great laugh and I really enjoyed running the game. 

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