Thursday, 13 February 2014

Update - there is no update..!

No more pictures to upload today....last night was spent watching the football and not painting/model building or generally getting loads of glue and paint splattered all over my hands.

But I will start the final painting of the Jaegers tonight....hopefully....I just need to add some more fine detail to some of the Jaegers armour, clean up the bases where I have made a few mistakes then dip the Grey Knight Jaeger in army painter dip.

Once that's done I will leave the Jaegers to dry for a couple of days and then matte varnish them.

I do have some new pictures of the dungeon tiles that I built, I have laid them out in the dungeon formation that will make up level 1 and 2 of the dungeon. Unfortunately though these are on my iPad and I forgot to bring my lightning cable with me into work again I will have to wait to upload these later today.

I am also planning to use the Malifaux 3D card dungeons that I have as the backdrop for the final fight, again on the WoTC YouTube video for Acquisitions Inc the party end up fighting a huge Kaiju on the streets of WaterDeep in their Jaeger.

To represent this I have built a street, market place and surrounding buildings using the Malifaux 3D dungeon tiles, it's almost finished and I need to unpack it all and take some photos....once this is done I will post them on here.

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