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Update - there is no update..!

No more pictures to upload today....last night was spent watching the football and not painting/model building or generally getting loads of glue and paint splattered all over my hands.

But I will start the final painting of the Jaegers tonight....hopefully....I just need to add some more fine detail to some of the Jaegers armour, clean up the bases where I have made a few mistakes then dip the Grey Knight Jaeger in army painter dip.

Once that's done I will leave the Jaegers to dry for a couple of days and then matte varnish them.

I do have some new pictures of the dungeon tiles that I built, I have laid them out in the dungeon formation that will make up level 1 and 2 of the dungeon. Unfortunately though these are on my iPad and I forgot to bring my lightning cable with me into work again I will have to wait to upload these later today.

I am also planning to use the Malifaux 3D card dungeons that I have as the backdrop for the final fight, again on the WoTC YouTube video for Acquisitions Inc the party end up fighting a huge Kaiju on the streets of WaterDeep in their Jaeger.

To represent this I have built a street, market place and surrounding buildings using the Malifaux 3D dungeon tiles, it's almost finished and I need to unpack it all and take some photos....once this is done I will post them on here.


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Lost Mines of Phandelver - The End.

And so the final chapter in our first group foray into the world of D&D 5th Edition has come to an end, and what an end it was.

*****SPOILER ALERT*****.
There were Hobgoblins, Undead, Ankhegs, more Undead, Giant Mushrooms that stank and the final fight with Black Spider.
Here are some pictures of the epic dungeon that we played on Saturday, as you can see from the pictures our DM created a huge set piece dungeon from nothing more that a tonne of polystyrene, paint, sweat and love and what can I say apart from that it was amazing.
We started gaming at around 11am GMT on Saturday and we finally finished the dungeon 16 hours later on a early Sunday morning. 
Enjoy the pictures.
And so we begin, everything looks nice and tidy at this point of the day. Needless to say by the end of the dungeon and 16 hours later there were a lot more cups of coffee, food wrappers and tired gamers strewn about the place.

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Hi all, 

So I set up this blog to document a AD&D dungeon that I created/copied which is based on the excellent pod casts and PAX 2013 D&D dungeons run by Chris Perkins for his "(in)famous" D&D crew.

If you have seen or listened to these pod casts and videos then you will know the back story of what this dungeon was and how is played out with the DM and players. However I wanted to re-create the dungeon for my group of gaming friends so that they could experience the game for real.

When I first set out to write this dungeon I spent a lot of time listening, watching and then re-listening and re-watching the various pod casts and videos so that I knew the original dungeon concepts inside and out. 

Hopefully you will enjoy what I have presented here and you will be able to see how I moved from the original concept of bringing this dungeon to the table and how it finally played out.

I haven't informed any of my friends who I am running this dungeon for that I have set…

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So me and my gaming friends got together again at the weekend to play the next part of the D&D adventure Lost Mines of Phandelver.

Here are some photos taken by myself and one of the other players.
The first set of pictures show the village of Thunder Tree, we travelled here to find a druid who we hoped would help us find Cragmaw Castle.
The village of Thunder Tree
The ruins of Thunder Tree
Outside of the druids tavern, we had a big fight with a horde of Ash Zombies and the druid got out some popcorn and watched the battle.
Green Dragon lair....not quite big enough for his liking so he might be moving home soon.
Awesome Ettercap that we fought, this was made by the DM and scared the hell out of party.