Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Update - more model painting

The majority of the miniatures that I have sourced for this dungeon are now either fully painted or just in need of a quick matte varnish.

However I still have a list of models that need to be painted and I was hoping to get them done this week, but those plans might not happen as I am still trying to find time to complete the Jaeger models that I bought from scibor miniatures a few weeks ago.


If you have listened to the WoTC pod cast and watched the videos that I posted earlier on this blog you will know that at the end of the dungeon the party get to pilot a huge "Jaeger" to take on the final baddie....well I planned on building a Jaeger myself but due to a lack of skill in doing this and also time frames of getting the project started I had to shelve these plans. 

So I started to search the internet for anything that I could use to represent the Jaegers that the party would find and after much searching I came across the scibor miniatures website and bought 3 of their huge steam-powered robot models. All of them needed to be built and painted and this process has taken quite a lot of time.

However 2 of the Jaegers are now ready so I just have one left and I should hopefully get that completed tonight, once they are all finished I will post some pictures of them on here.

In the meantime I will post of pictures of the other miniatures that I have painted for this dungeon.

Hope you enjoy..!!

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