Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Dungeon creation

When I originally set out to recreate this dungeon I decided that I would just either use some standard 2D dungeon tiles that I had or I would revert back to the old school way of doing things and just draw out the dungeon room by room on my Chessex dry wipe board.

This would have been the easy way to do and as I am always trying to improve the dungeon experience for my friends I decided to try something new.

So I decide that I would either buy or build actual 3D tiles, similar to those sold on the dwarven forge website. After assessing how much this would cost I decided that I would buy a "build it yourself" kit and start putting together some test tiles, so that I could work out time and expense.

Needless to say this proved to be a long process but well worth it.

Shown on this blog are some of the original pictures that I took of the kit that I bought and some of the first rooms and corridors that I built.

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