Thursday, 20 February 2014

Ark of the Mad Mage update

Almost done..!!

So the finals parts of my dungeon are being put together this week in preparation for next weekends 2 days of solid dungeoneering...yes I am nervous and yes I am praying to all the gods of Faerun that I haven't forgotten anything.

Saying that though there is only so much prep that you can do for a dungeon and I always find myself ad-libbing through the day anyway, it's amazing that no matter how much you prepare as a DM you always find the need to change or add things to a dungeon on the fly. But that is one of the things that keeps me interesting and enjoy being a DM..

So the final list of things to get ready this week are as follows.

I need to paint 2 serving girl models, these have been bought and I have part painted them this week. I am hopeful that tonight I can finish them off and get the fine detail added. As soon as they are done I will upload some new pictures.

After spending some time planning the layout of the 3D dungeon, (see my previous posts for pictures), I now know that I will need to paint at least another 4 resin doors. At the moment I think I have 10 fully painted and again once the serving girls are done I will crack on with these tonight. I'll post some new pictures of the doors once they are done.

Then that only leaves work to be done this weekend, I need to matte spray paint my Jaegers and the bases that they are on. This shouldn't take too long and I'll be completing the work in my garage as the matte spray paint stinks my house out. Once all of this work is done I will do a couple of "read through" sessions with the dungeon to make sure that I haven't missed anything.

Almost forgot..!!
I managed to find some great new miniatures on the OtherWorld Minatures website and I have bought a set of Wizard Familiar models, I have already painted and based the crow model as I will need this for the 1st level of the dungeon.....nice easy model to paint but it was a real pain to base properly and I am worried that it won't survive the car journey to my mates games room.

New pictures will follow later today....

Please feel free to post any comments/suggestions.ideas that you might have...


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