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Ark of the Mad Mage - brief

Here is the brief that I have emailed to one of my mates who is playing this dungeon next weekend...I am hoping this will give him enough ideas to get the adventure started.

His character is a human mage (11th level), non specialist.

This brief covers information on two previous dungeons that the party have been involved with recently.


The memories of the excursion to the Plane of Iuz, (Marks Dungeon), are still weighing heavy on your mind, the realization that you were unable to find and defeat the Demi-Lich but that you still survived the Tomb are both comfort and a source of frustration to you.

So with a heavy heart but clear mind you decide to head off into Waterdeep, away from the chatter of your fellow adventurers and to spend some time alone deciphering some scrolls that you found in White Plume Mountain.

You stroll out into a cold yet bright day and decide to take a walk to your favourite library, this large stone building is a place where you have spent many a day in study and you know the building and other patrons well. The library is located in the upper section of the North Ward of Waterdeep, just by the outer wall that protects the city but is also nestled against the lower portion of Mount Waterdeep, this huge imposing mountain still draws a gasp from your when it comes into sight.

As you round the corner of a well trodden road you see the familiar library and you quickly hop across the road and in through the large doors, stopping only briefly to touch the foot of a statue to the Goddess Mystra in a ritual that you have repeated many times. 

As expected the dusty, quiet yet familiar interior of the library is mostly empty, the regular librarian nods her head when she sees you and you return her welcome with a warm smile. You are soon settled down in your favourite chair at a large wooden table. From out of a pocket in your robe you produce 3 scroll tubes, these were all found in White Plume Mountain but due to your last excursion you have now had time to transcribe these into you spell book.

With no problems you transcribe the following spells into your spell book.
Dilation 1 (4th level spell)
Greater Malison (4th level spell)
Lower Resistance (5th level spell)
(You can add these to your spell book)

With that completed you are about to return the now empty scroll tubes to your concealed pocket when you suddenly realise that one of the scroll tubes still has something inside it. After a quick inspection you notice that the scroll tube in your hand has a concealed false bottom, you prize this open in excitement and from inside the hidden compartment you discover 3 items. 

You quickly pull out two more scrolls and a small iron key, the key in non-magical and appears to be for a lock on a door, the first scroll is a deed relating to the ownership of a shop in Waterdeep and the final scroll appears to the a map.

On closer inspection you deduce that the deed is in fact for a shop called "Lashalarts Gowns and Grimoires" and that the document has been signed by an official of the city but where the owners signature should be there is no name or signature. The deed details that ownership of this property is by freehold and that all rent and city taxes are paid for the next 20 years. 

The second scroll appears to be a badly drawn map of a subterranean location, but has a magical aura.

What does this all mean.....and why have these items come into your possession?


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