Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Ark of the Mad Mage - update

Hi all, 

So I set up this blog to document a AD&D dungeon that I created/copied which is based on the excellent pod casts and PAX 2013 D&D dungeons run by Chris Perkins for his "(in)famous" D&D crew.

If you have seen or listened to these pod casts and videos then you will know the back story of what this dungeon was and how is played out with the DM and players. However I wanted to re-create the dungeon for my group of gaming friends so that they could experience the game for real.

When I first set out to write this dungeon I spent a lot of time listening, watching and then re-listening and re-watching the various pod casts and videos so that I knew the original dungeon concepts inside and out. 

Hopefully you will enjoy what I have presented here and you will be able to see how I moved from the original concept of bringing this dungeon to the table and how it finally played out.

I haven't informed any of my friends who I am running this dungeon for that I have set up this blog and I have been intentionally vague about details as I want this to be a surprise......hopefully Google searches haven't been helpful in them finding this blog....with that said I've only had about 180 views over the last month or so, so it's not like this blog is super popular, well not popular enough to earn and £'s from any way..!! ;-)


Anonymous said...

Hi. I'd like to run this dungeon for some friends of mine as well. Any chance you have scans of maps or anything like that? I'm having a hard time rebuilding the entire map from the podcast. I know this is old but I thought I'd take a chance.

Dungeon Master said...


I do have the original hand drawn maps for this dungeon scanned. They are close approximations of the Chris Perkins dungeon that was run at PAX. You're welcome to have them, would you like me to post them online or should I email them to you?


Mister Rob said...

Wow. If you could email them to me that would be great!
How did you account for the rooms not entered in the podcast?

The_Real_Swashbuckler said...

Would you be willing to share your map? I would love to see a picture so I can make my own.

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