Friday, 28 February 2014

1 day to go...!!

So tomorrow is the "big" day, I've got most of my DM kit packed up and ready to go. I spent a couple of hours last night going through my check list of stuff that I need to take as I am running the D&D game at a friends house.

Years ago before I moved to the south coast of the UK travelling to a mates to play D&D usually only meant taking my dice, writing pad, character sheets and a few £'s for food. Nowadays I have a 50 mile drive to see my mates and as I am now DM'ing ,more than playing I tend to need to take a lot of kit.

As well as all of the models and 3D tiles that I have made and painted I also need to take my big box of books...if you've ever played AD&D 2nd Edition you will know how many supplement books there I have my Gale Force 9 dungeon mats that I use for generic settings like taverns and city streets. I will also be taking a small amount of WoTC dungeon tiles for use with the dungeon, rooms like the Jungle and Elven glade. I had wanted to make 3D versions of these rooms but I simply ran out of time, if you've seen the pictures of the 3D dungeons that I have posted here you would have seen that some of the room are the regular 2D dungeon tiles. As well as all of that I also have all of my personal stuff as I will be staying over for the weekend at one of my friends houses as I expect this dungeon to take more that one session....fingers crossed most of it will be done during tomorrows session and the rest will be finished on Sunday.

I'm still feeling a bit nervous and excited as this day has seemed to take forever to get here but now all of a sudden it's here and I have to be 100% ready.

As I said in a previous post I will try and update this blog tomorrow in real time as we are playing and I also intend to take plenty of pictures that can be posted here after the dungeon is done.

Wish me good luck.

I'll update this blog again tomorrow just before I leave, which should be early morning as the drive to London where my friends live is about a 1 hour car journey.

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