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Mind Flayer Lich (Illithilich)

Mind Flayer Lich.....Yes I said it.....undead Mind deal with it.

The zombie apocalypse will not be televised

When there is no more room in hell the Dead will walk the earth.Here are some more pictures of models that I've finished painting this week, these are all going to be used in a zombie apocalypse survival RPG. I'm still reading through the ruleset and I'm excited about getting these beauties on the table.

All hail Emperor Prosek.!

Rifts is back on the menu and it tastes delicious.
Here are some more models that have been sat on the "to do" list for about 2 years, I started painting these last week and I have finished them off now.
The two Coalition models are from a game system called Deadzone and I have no idea where the Spider Drones are from, but I thought they would be cool for Rifts.


Anyone fancy an excursion to Mulhorandi....?
I started painting these earlier this week and I've finished with the base colours and quick shade.
I'll wait the recommended 24 hours and once they are dry I'll matte varnish and add the fine detail.
These most of my models.....have been sat in the "to do" pile for over 2 years now, so it's great to finally get them started. They'll make a nice addition to my collection.
Which reminds me I have to start counting how many models I have....maybe I'll start that tomorrow.

An unspeakable horror.

An unspeakable horror.(I cannot speak it's name because I have no idea what this model is called or who designed it)
I can honestly say that painting the model below was probably one of the hardest modelling jobs I have undertaken of late, not because of the size....I've painted bigger....but because of the complexity of the model.

There are so many different parts of this model that needed to be factored in when I started painting it plus when I bought this beast it was already built.


Graz'zt - The Dark Prince

Graz'zt - The Dark Prince
I've been on a bit of a painting binge over the last few weeks, if you have read my previous posts then you would have seen some dungeon scenery pieces that I finished a few days ago.
This sudden painting sprint is great news for me as I have a backlog of models that have been taking up a lot of space on my desk and now that pile of models has got a little smaller and a lot less evil.....enjoy the pictures.